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200 Stories Project by Adriana Aneiva-Guerra

In her project 200 Stories, artist Adriana Aneiva-Guerra transforms stories given by 200 individuals from around the world, dynamically infusing her abstract paintings with anthropological studies informed by her user experience design work. AG explores cultural points of contact where depictions of human experiences connect with the duality of the black and white lines that convey the stories of individuals in the 20th- century. Exploring the stories as patterns to create empathy and awareness, she investigates the impermanence of an individual and the power of storytelling that endures in time, culture and human history.

“People go through the world living their lives, creating universes on this planet, experiencing Earth in immensely different ways. Hidden deeply on their souls remain stories that made them, hidden in their hearts they want to shout to the world their ideas on how to make it brighter. We must understand that the more we love and understand ourselves deeply for the things that make us unique, the more we will learn to understand and love others for what makes them different from us. Humans are so different yet we go through the same struggles in different ways, we are so different yet we know what love is, we speak different languages yet we can understand each other with a hug. We are different in so many ways but we are all human. Anthropologists tell us that storytelling is central to human existence. When a story is told it involves a symbiotic exchange between teller and listener creating a bond of empathy and awareness about others lives and existence. All stories in our lives are important, because every experience we go though tells the stories of who we are and what are the things that made us grow and be who we are in the present. Listening to the stories people share with me, opens my mind to find the things that people find important in their lives and respect those stories as my own honoring the person who shared it and trying to depict what their heart wants to tell. Stories are patterns that create our lives, words that give meaning to our worlds and even if humans are impermanent in this world the stories will transcend the times.” - Adriana Aneiva Guerra

*This project is currently ongoing and was created as a fundraiser to help the artist to continue her artistic studies, if you want to be part of this project and share your story please check the fundraising page: You can also follow the project as it continues to evolve on her Instagram or Facebook The project will be a book of all the 200 stories and will be finalized by the end of this year.

Adriana's Website

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