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Artist Spotlight - Aaron Peever

Aaron Peever is a Welsh contemporary painter whose concepts evolve around themes of the human condition and society. Mainly being a figurative painter, Peever looks to capture a spectator’s point of view in his artwork and to show a window into people’s lives. His painting style is an approach to a contemporary realism but focusing on elements by giving a slight exaggeration to his colour palette. The materiality of paint is something considered in his work, the uses of painting techniques such as glazing and the removal of paint are used to expose underlayers and subtle textures.

Through this series of paintings, Aaron Peever portrays a perspective of British masculinity and social class. His use of male figures, drapery and alcohol motifs become a reflection of a softer or broken-down perspective of masculinity. The imagery in these artworks does not seem to have a stereotypical portrayal but comes across as slightly depressive and humorous in approach. The use of titling in these artworks it gives a narrative of grand events and portrays the imagery with a sense of significance to the viewer. Through titling each work he is commenting on social class and showing value in lower class male lives. Peever paints an atmosphere of hopelessness and redemption in his artworks, which contributes to his concept of masculinity in today’s era.

The Dethroned Fool (2020)

Oil on Linen

100cmx 100cm

Banquet (2020)

Image 1 - Framed Drawing

Image 2 - Oil Painting On Linen, 60 x 50cm

Fallen Paws (2020)

Oil in Linen

30x 25 cm

Image 1 - A Noblemen (2020)Oil on Linen, 40x30cm

Image 2 - Framed Cornation Drawing (2020)

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