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Artist Spotlight: Andrew Sales

Andrew's subject matter is landscape and the interaction of people and objects within it. Throughout the history of his practice Andrew has explored a range of figurative styles and approaches. He draws a lot of his ideas from historical painting mixed in with his own experiences, adding personal thoughts and mythologies to an image.

Much of Andrew's work is intended to be allegorical, as he creates characters and imagined landscapes that interact with each other, expressing an alternate narrative disguised within a set of imagined rules and aesthetic judgments. Not all of his details are consciously intended as Andrew invites subconscious imagery to make its way into the paintings. Andrew uses minimal physical objects or spaces to create paintings but appropriates reproductions of historic painting and images offered by film and literature. His decisions when making a piece are partly subconsciously made and he allows unintended 'mistakes' to be developed and refined throughout the process. All Andrew's paintings have a specific concept or message imbedded into them.

Andrew's studio practice consists of traditional media and varying approaches to using it. He tries to be adventurous in his practical methods and pursues certain technical working strategies for varying lengths of time. Andrew has always been interested in the materiality of paint through his application to the surface and its fluidity, experimenting with various textures, layers and glazes, continually developing his practice and approach to painting.

A Field In Painting (2019) Oil on board

Eden Small (2017) Oil on board

Structure (2016) Oil on Wood

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