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Artist Spotlight: Demi Stiles

Demi Stiles is a visual artist living in the UK who works in the mediums of painting and sculpture to investigate themes of gender performance, identity, and object-hood. Advocating for the visibility of varied gender expression within the Fine Art industry. Demi is concerned with the elevation of high femme aesthetics in the form of grandiose installations, portraiture, interiors, and ceramics. 

"Paying tribute to femmes and female-aligned people, my work observes the emotional toll of gendered experience through the perspective of a non-binary femme. In response manifesting my subjects as icons of endurance in grandiose portraits. Frequently projecting a melancholia, which is contrasted by the use of childlike stylisation and overly saturated compositions." - Demi

'Untitled' (2020)

'Agape' (2020) Clay, 48x22x24cm

'Paradise' (2020) Clay, 58x33x22cm

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