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Artist Spotlight: Gerda Dabašinskaitė

Gerda Dabasinskaite is a visual artist from Lithuania, currently residing in the UK. Dabasinskaite's work intends to broaden the viewer’s self-awareness and perspective on the importance, beauty and joy of colour.

"I pay a lot of attention to colour and its associations to regular objects, feelings or emotions. I feel amazed how something like colour can have such a huge impact on our lives, and yet, people often disregard it as something that they think is unnecessary. I want my work to remind people about the importance, beauty and joy of colour".

Dabasinskaite believes the primary purpose of colour is to express,therefore she follows no rules or guidelines on how to use it.

"There is no reason to restrict colour".

In Dabasinskaite's work, her choice of materials and colour is experimental and spontaneous seeking to create a more personal relationship between the viewer and her work.

"I am in constant search of new inspirations, looking for the new or the unusual".

Baskets (2019)

Something New in Their Neighbourhood (2020)

Yellow (2019)

Red (2019)

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