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Artist Spotlight: Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas is a contemporary artist and sculptor currently based in Swansea.

Jon's work explores the relationship between man and the sculptures he constructs.His practice has been influenced by a diverse range of sources, from Bauhaus to the stone architecture of ancient civilisations.

The materials utilised in his work are a combination of traditional and contemporary materials, such as plaster of Paris,acrylic sheet and polystyrene.

"My most recent (2020) wall based sculptures are constructed using a subtractive process. Whereby I cut dozens of regular sized geometric shapes from slabs of EPS. I make no preparatory drawings before I begin each new piece. I will construct using only the shapes in front of me, there is no plan or pattern. These geometric ‘building blocks’ are then balanced against my studio wall using a time based system. These multilayered abstract forms are shaped purely by my subconscious. Visible forms start to manifest in the form of fragments. Memories, emotions & past experiences are transmitted in this process. The viewer is left with a mass of unorganised blocks & shapes that serve only as a visual marker to the structure's original function".

Below are a selection of images of Jon's recent works:

‘G’ sculpture (2020)

30 x 47 x 17cm EPS, acrylic sheet, plywood

‘Untitled, Orange’ sculpture (2020)

EPS, Acrylic sheet, acrylic paint, plywood 60 x 45 x 17 cm

‘Separation’ sculpture (2020) made during the lock down.

48 x 30 x 18cm EPS, scrylic paint, acrylic sheet, plywood board

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