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'Blooop' Series by Alina Hayes

Alina Hayes is a contemporary ceramics artist based in Los Angeles.

"In my studio practice, the work moves between form and function as I think about fluidity of materials, process and time. Drawing on parallels between ceramic process and my own life as an immigrant, woman, wife, mother, and educator. The obsession with succeeding, of becoming something of value, and the direct connection as I sit and shape small, clay objects. Fragile forms, resilient to time and change in hopes that the biomorphic exterior will prevent them from being thrown away; discarded as remnants of their maker. To combat this state of mind and the pressure to make “serious work”, I simply walk into the studio and make. At the end of the day, these objects emerge. They are playful, loud, unapologetic; mine. Leading my work into a totally different direction; using and exploring materials I wouldn’t have otherwise. I call them blooop or another word for mistake as I fumble through my daily chores and obligations, reminding myself that what I do is worthwhile."

Below are selected sculptures that are titled 'Blooop':

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