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'Bright Future' by Grace Joyram

Grace Joyram is a second year textiles student studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Grace creates illustrative stories through painting, printmaking and stitch. Grace uses these mediums as an outlet "to explore and find beauty in the ordinary and everyday." Her inspiration stems from stories, poems and particular past conversations with strangers.

However, due to these current unprecedented times, Grace's work has been affected.

"I'm missing these unique and spontaneous interactions during lockdown and my works have been created during this strange and unfamiliar quarantine period."

Words and stories have now become central to Grace's practice. This can be shown in the zine entitled 'Bright Future' (a collaboration with the poet, Mansoor Ahmad).

"Bright Future is aimed to balance the vibrancy and detail of the illustrations with the delicacy of Mansor Ahmad's words."

A Quarantine Zine - Bright Future (2020)

Close up of the face Illustration for the Zine

Some Postcard Designs Grace created during Lockdown:

Wish You Were Here (2020)

Time is Vague At Best (2020)

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