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Cat N' Mouse Brewery by Doc Studio

Doc Studio is the design practice of Daniel Brooks. His work and aesthetic incorporate both hand-rendered designs and digitally created imagery to create a range of outcomes. Daniel tries not to have a specific style beside the collaborations of imagery, type and illustrations. This is to have the ability to create a large variety of designs and apply his own ideas without being restricted to a specific aesthetic.Hailing from Devon, Daniel graduated Leeds Arts University in 2020. 

"Cat N’ Mouse Brewery is a fictitious brand of IPA that aims towards the minority of IPA drinks who are women. The brand is conceptualised around the idea of women in history with references to Frida Kahlo and Mary Shelley as a focus for a flavour. The brand doesn't aim towards only women but instead tries to include them in the approach to marketing while having an aesthetic that follows the creative and colourful branding that people have come to relate to IPA." - Daniel Brooks.

Cat N' Mouse - Kahlo Bottle Cat N' Mouse - Shelley Bottle

Cat N' Mouse - Truth Bottle Cat N' Mouse- Pankhurst Bottle

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