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Could we humans be better than we already are?- Pablo Carrión Degado

Pablo Carrión Degado work is drawn from human behaviour and the way this is configured through history and culture conforming contemporary society. Pablo explores how our behaviour evolves, grows and changes in relation with our natural environment. He believes we view nature in an alienated way, bringing along the idea of humans as a superior entity and drifting us apart from an undeniable reality:"We aren't above nature but just part of it".

Pablo's explores the themes of death and utopias in his work. His practice aims to recreate 'dream-like' ideas and to break down utopias to make them more plausible and closer to reality, stimulating the process with impulsive gut feelings, to detonate the will to act and, at least, to try to change.

"The idea of death as a necessity in life's cycle and how people use this instinctive fear to control and manipulate, it seems to me like a contradiction to our progress and evolution. The denial of death and hence nature, becomes proof of how we waste our potential and brings the questions: Could we humans be better than we already are? Why aren’t we better? How could we be better?"

These questions and many others will follow, growing and configuring ideas that nowadays look closer to a utopia than reality and therefore we will feel like it is almost impossible to fully answer them.

Pablo uses multiple different mediums to represent and expose his ideas, envisioning himself as a 'translator'. He works with drawing, painting, photography, modelling, carving, building, etc. I like to see the different mediums and techniques as languages without nationality, as they can be understood by anyone.

"In this way, redundant but common to every artistic creation, my work appears as the way to share my conclusions and utopic ideas and even though they can have a dark atmosphere, they point to the positive side, trying by this contrast to put a seed of positivist attitude on the viewer and the invitation to look for change and improvement in ourselves and our surroundings."

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