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Designs by Kate Wixley

Kate Wixley is a multi-disciplinary designer, originally born in London, but grew up in Hong Kong, Singapore and Cape Town.

Kate is now back in the UK currently studying Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, her interests span a wide scope of disciplines. Working with print, illustration, textiles and photography.

"Despite studying graphics, I am often inspired by contemporary art. I describe myself as an image-maker, with the medium dependant on the concept."

Below are Two of Kate's designs that caught our eye:

Book Design - The Age of Plastic

A series of two pop up books for a concept exhibition on the age of plastic, and the material’s future. Designed as a 360 degree book, to parallel the round exhibition space.

Sentimental Cereal, (2018)

Digital Illustration & Screenprinting

Inspiration: Nostalgia

Sentimental Cereal is a 3D print project that compares vintage and current packaging design, using colour theory, to evoke nostalgia.

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