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Fluctuating forms and the laws of the Universe - Hannah Kline

Hannah Kline is a multidisciplinary artist making work that explores fluctuating forms and the laws of the universe. She recently obtained her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Florida and has spent most of her post-graduate career painting on her back porch. Kline is interested in scientific theories that unravel the planet and the universe’s mysteries. Her visualization of phenomena such as quantum mechanics, rock formation, and entropy are mobilized by expressionist and sometimes surrealist depictions of universal matter.

The Entanglement series uses paintings and collages to translate the theory of entangled particles and waves into vibrant colors forming webs and knots.

Entanglement Series

Form Series

Kline is currently working on a group of personal drawings and paintings, titled Blob Diary. In this series, she has set out to build a window into her own mental state over time. Across all her work, Kline is most interested in capturing what is felt but not seen.

Everything Buffering

Productive Dreaming and a dopamine-producing jog

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