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Illustrator Spotlight: Julie Stone

Julie Stone is an Illustrator based in Bournemouth, UK whose practice has found its place in the editorial field.

"I am most drawn to the visual language of editorial illustration, which often utilizes the power of metaphor and symbolism."

Her clean and minimal linework and simple yet bright colour palettes can be used to enhance and highlight the metaphor involved.

"I also find the challenge of solving complex visual problems to answer a brief with a relatively short turn-around to be extremely motivating and conducive to my process as a creative." 

Themes that Julie enjoys illustrating include wellbeing and lifestyle, current events, social issues, and science. Julie is inspired by historical Japanese woodblock prints, the natural world, and vintage science fiction.

We've Reached 'Peak' Wellness - Most of its Nonsense

This Temple Illustration is a visual reminder to find meaning and purpose in life, whether that's being spiritual, or being part of nature.

This Illustration is a visual reminder for us to take care of our environment and surrounding space, to live somewhere that supports your goals.

This Illustration is part of a postcard series to remind loved ones of daily wellbeing habits.

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