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"Lifeline" by Seth Horton

Seth Horton is a young British artist primarily working in sculpture and installation, whose work has evolved in to looking at the future for us as a species.

"Personally I feel our future will be inside a dystopian realm. I create works which emulate this theme of a dystopian future, it's sort of predicting our future".

Horton heavily considers his choice of materials before making each piece of work. "I try to envision myself in a future where resources are scarce and limited, thus using discarded and wasted materials and objects".

His most recent work, titled "Lifeline",made from Aluminium, cable ties and glow-edge perspex is a message coming from a distant,dystopian society in the future. It acts as a warning sign for the way that life has become a constructed future.

"It emulates a sort of information desk, the language engraved on the perspex is one I invented myself. Due to the fact it holds important content, it is made from an expensive, ever-lasting material, which has not been discarded from a previous life".

Images of "Lifeline" (2020). Dimensions: 170cm x 100cm x 110cm

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