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Limits Series by Camil Giralt

Camil Giralt is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Barcelona. He creates abstract landscapes, painting several series of works that are different approaches to the same subject. Simultaneous series that feed back, that influence one another, making them evolve. His most recent series of work is his "Limits Series".

All his works contain horizontal strokes, where he minamilizes and simplifies the content so that the paintings evoke sensations and feelings rather than just images."

I let myself be carried away by what is emerging until finding what I call my balance."

In these paintings, the horizon has become an important and necessary element to Camil's works. To Camil, the horizon is " an element so simple but one that is fundamental and powerful. A search for simplicity, the distance of everything and everyone, the inner silence, the stillness that leads to the awakening of consciousness."

Limits 24


Limits 19


Limits 25


Limits 18


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