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PHOBOS project by Megan Elliott

PHOBOS is a project created by fine art photographer, Megan Elliott. It is Inspired by phobias and consists of a series of uneasy images that are "designed to elicit the uncomfortable"

"My work seeks to raise empathy for the viewer, helping to acknowledge the distress that can be caused by the most unlikely phenomena and deserves recognition".

Below is a Selection of photos from Elliott's project:

Spheco - represents the fear of wasps. Due to the fact,Spheksophobia is known to be an 'irrational' phobia, Elliott creates a more uncomfortable scene for the viewer by having the eyes luring at you to emphasise that, "An 'irrational' phobia is still a phobia."

Agora - Inspired by the fear of leaving your home, or leaving a safe space

"This shoot was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Wrong Man' and 'Psycho' and David Lynch's 'Elephant Man'."

Ýpnos- representing Somniphobia, the fear of going to sleep.

Megan Elliott's Instagram

Megan Elliott's Website

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