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Victorian Alien Sci-Fi Collection by Chloe Stanyer

Chloe Stanyer's Victorian Alien Sci-Fi collection is a combination of 18th Century silhouettes with 70’s science fiction and fantasy style artwork. Chloe has always had a fascination with vintage sci-fi book front covers, dated mostly around the 1970s. Her prints are heavily inspired by the artwork on these covers as they used a combination of surrealism and complimentary colours that are unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and Chloe wants her collection to reflect this.

"I’ve always been interested in old fantasy adventure films dated around 1970s to 1980s. When watching back some of these old sci-fi films I noticed a lot of the costumes had similar details and aspects to the 18th century, such as puffy sleeves, frilly Bellamy shirt and corsets. I wanted to incorporate these silhouettes and details in each one of my garments but rather then using the neutral tones used heavily in 18th century clothing, I wanted to embrace these bright sci-fi colour palettes and design some graphic prints. Just like the 1970s books I want my collection to envision a different world and escape into imagination."

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