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'hook, hitch, hack, ditch' by Joseph Sharples

Joseph Sharples is a graphic designer and photographer living in the UK. Joseph has worked for studios such as SEA, Six, Graphic Thought Facility, Accept & Proceed, dn&co and Eye Magazine.

"I design with an open mind as I am a firm believer ideas can develop and evolve from the tiniest of occurrences in everyday life."

Hook, hitch, hack, ditch was created as an awareness campaign designed to educate the public on the barbaric ways that sharks are slaughtered to produce shark n soup. Onomatopoetic language is used to generate graphic images in the mind. The thought provoking visuals create an uncomfortable awareness of the cruel manner in which sharks are killed.

To accompany the posters was a newsprint and book, which both continued the playful use of type and highly textured imagery. The visuals are created by scanning purposely damaged polystyrene ata high resolution, followed by editing. This technique is designed to replicates the gory damage to the smooth skin of the shark whilst it’s being slaughtered.

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